Moving Toward a New Model of Attendance and Truancy

Session 3: Thursday, November 10 from 2:15 - 3:15pm
Stacy Bender,Dean of Students,Minnesota Virtual High School

Session Information

  • Location: 103 (Click Here to View the Session Map)
  • Track:Administration and Management of Online Programs
  • Grade Level Focus:K-5|6-8|9-12
  • Experience Level:Level 201 - For intermediate level participants (2-4 years experience in K-12 Online Learning)|Level 301 - For advanced participants (5+ years of experience in K-12 Online Learning)
  • Exhibitor:No
  • Requires Purchase of Product to Implement: No

Session Description

Truancy and attendance laws exist in order to support graduation rates, but they do not seem to apply to online students. Should online schools ignore the laws? Do we enforce laws that do not seem to apply directly to our students? Do they apply to any students anymore? This session will provide a model of a promising practice that online schools in Minnesota have adopted. Those planning to attend are asked to bring their attendance policy and procedures to share in the discussion.

Session Twitter Hashtag: #vss103s3

    Presentation Materials and Contributions

    MN Online Truancy Collaboration Website

    MN Department of Education Online Program Information

    Link to article by Bender