Socially Validated Grades for Online Dual Credit

Session 7: Friday, November 11 from 2:00 - 3:00pm
Dr. Eric J Ban,Principal,Crown Point High School

Session Information

  • Location: 205 (Click Here to View the Session Map)
  • Track: Quality
  • Grade Level Focus: High school to college transition
  • Experience Level: Level 101 - For beginners new to the field (0-1 years experience in K-12 Online Learning)|Level 201 - For intermediate level participants (2-4 years experience in K-12 Online Learning)
  • Exhibitor: No
  • Requires Purchase of Product to Implement: No

Session Description

This session introduces a new dual credit model that validates the quality of high-school delivered dual credit classes through partnerships with local university faculty facilitated by online course technology. Faculty members grade random assignments to create an empirical comparison of college and high school level work. Initial savings to the parents were in excess of $500,000 in one year for one high school and resulted in significant increases of college credits.

Session Twitter Hashtag: #vss205s7

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