Welcome and Opening

Grand Ballrooms 5-10 - Wednesday 8:00am - 8:30am
Susan Patrick, iNACOL President and CEO

Susan Patrick will share her vision for transforming public education through online and blended learning. She will cover the latest trends, highlights from research, national and international initiatives on virtual schools and online and blended learning in K-12 education. This session will help policy makers, education leaders and practitioners understand a framework for online and blended learning. The broad goals for improving graduation rates, expanding access to high-quality education for all students, and personalizing learning for every student around competency-based pathways are all converging in policy and practice. Education innovators need to understand how these systems can work together to bolster individual student growth and redesign learning experiences through next generation learning approaches any time and everywhere. New solutions exist and understanding what works, what is next on the horizon, and how new solutions are emerging for K-12 education to help every child fulfill their potential through a worldclass education will be highlighted throughout the session.